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Private Anonymous ELITE Proxies at IpFreelyProxies.net
We provide United States (U.S.) Private Anonymous ELITE Proxies that are NOT shared, for just about any legal use including legitimate webmailing. We currently do NOT do Shared Proxies as we strongly believe that's actually a scam usage for old proxies that have been run ragged and burnt out at various social networking sites so it's kind of pointless reselling them, instead we drop them and get new cblocks that are fresh and usable. To us, shared proxies are like using the rubbish bin leftover food scraps from other diners in a restaurant to create your meal you ordered, very unsafe.

Our U.S. (United States) Proxies are HTTP/HTTPS/FTP and NOT socks proxies, so PLEASE check your application to make sure it will accept these type of proxies as we can't directly help with any application you may wish to use them in.


Our Proxies are also commonly known by the following terms...

1. Private Proxies
2. Anonymous Proxies
3. Elite Proxies
4. Exclusive Proxies
5. Best Proxies
6. Youtube* Proxies
7. Fast Proxies
8. Scrapebox* Proxies
9. Myspace* Proxies
10. U.S. Proxies
11. Proxies
12. Facebook* Proxies
13. SenukeX Proxies
14. Ticketmaster* Proxies
15. LiveNation* Proxies
16. Pinterest* Proxies & Pinterest Bot
17. Pinterest Super All In One Bot
18. Instagram and Pinterest Proxies

We do NOT sell emailing proxies and port 25 is blocked across ALL servers so the proxies can't be used in this way. We do not support the use of our proxies for Craigslist* at all nor any other service that requires geolocation and we will not disclose our server locations for that purpose. If you purchase our proxies for this form of use and they don't work then the onus is on you as we do not give refunds. We DO NOT allow the use of Xrumer on our PROXIES and WE will suspend any client, without refund, whose logfile shows usage patterns similar to Xrumers (we own a copy so we know what it looks like, trust me). We also don't allow ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY while using our proxies.

Our U.S. (United States) proxies work great on Scrapebox*, MySpace*, Twitter*, Facebook*, SenukeX and just about every other social website but we can't guarantee ANY particular site won't ban our proxies or implement restrictive policies that may hinder your use of them.

Proxies are locked to your IP and we allow (up to) 5 (five) of your own IPs per order depending on the size of the order. The 10-IP Plan allows two of your own IPs while the 253-IP Plan allows up to 5 of your own or outsourcers IPs.

We NO LONGER allow you to use our United States (U.S.) private proxies for webmailing as we get too many abuse reports from our upstream providers.

Right now private proxy setup time is approximately 10 minutes after your subscription order is made and is an automated process, the cron job runs every 5 minutes to start new proxy configurations and it takes 2 cycles. Note: You must comply with any and all TOS or AUP requirements for any site you may use our proxies on and we can not be held liable for your actions or failure to comply with those rules and any of their requirements.

We provide you with a special VIP client member area where you can add, remove and modify your own ips to access the proxies 24/7/365 automatically without having to wait for an admin to make the changes. From here you can also view your assigned proxies and request new random proxies after sending in your renewal payment. This is a world class bespoke (custom) Client and IP Management System developed 100% inhouse to make life easier for both you as a client and us as owners and admins. In this VIP area we also have a custom News section to let YOU know of any problems, or across every clients accounts if there is, god forbid, a total system outage.

Please be sure to read the TOS/AUP before ordering.

For FULL setup instructions of your proxies please go HERE TO THIS PAGE so you know exactly what to expect once you have purchased proxies.

Monthly Proxy Rotation! Every month after you have paid your renewal subscription a "Randomize my Proxies" button appears in the Subscriptions Tab in your VIP control panel that will randmoize your proxies once pushed and requires no further action on yours or our part. As explained on our front page we do NOT force this change as some clients prefer to keep the same proxies month after month.

* Trademark Disclaimer: Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to within the ipfreelyproxies.net website are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with IpFreelyProxies, our products, or our website. They do not sponsor or endorse our proxies or any of our online solutions. You must comply with any and all of any sites requirements and use our proxies responsibly and at your own risk.

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